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Testimonials and Reviews for ezSAM and Our Activities

2nd korean tour testimonials

Notes of appreciation for 2nd ezSAM Korea Study Tour

Fun, enjoyable and DAEBAK Korean course!!! 🙂 – Roy Wee

Very pleasant environment and good basic coverage. Very enthusiastic teacher. – Eng Keong

Notes from students

Effective learning – the teacher was very engaging and helpful. Good location and conducive environment for learning. – Cheryl Lim

Teacher is helpful, friendly and approachable. A good starting experience to learning the language. Emphasis on pronunciation in the first few lessons are a good way to build strong foundation in the language. – Roy Liu

Ms Seo during ezSAM Event – Exchange with Koreans living in Singapore

The teacher has been enthusiastic in her lessons. There were repetitive oral practices in class which allowed me to remember certain phrases and conversations easily. The pace of the lessons can sometimes be a little faster. – Anonymous

The course was well organized and I enjoyed the lessons very much. The pace was just right and I feel that the use of pictures helped greatly in allowing students in learning vocabulary more efficiently. Looking forward to the Level 2 class. 🙂  – Sher-Yin

The lesson was paced well and engaging. I enjoyed the lessons a lot and would recommend it.  – Youming

Ms Yom with her class – Teacher’s day appreciation from ezSAM students

My teacher is really very good!! She is very expressive and is able to crack jokes, making the class very lively. She encourages me to learn Korean. If I am ever coming back to learn beginner basic 2, I would definitely like to be in her class. 🙂 I like her way of bringing Korean stuff and getting us to read – really good motivator!  – Rosalind How

Good and fun course – helpful for learning the basics.  – Petor Chanco

ezSAM Cultural Event – Appreciation of Korean Cuisine

Teachers are interactive, use interesting examples/materials . There is group interaction with classmates, which is fun and helpful. The weekly quiz, end of course test, help us to remember and give confidence to use the language.  – Diana Chua

The teacher is very very good. Learning material is very helpful. After only a few weeks I feel confident that I will be able to get a good understanding of the basics very soon.  – Susanne

The inaugural study tour to Gangwon-do stands testimony to ezsam’s philosophy that learning korean is, beyond literacy skills, a cultural experience. Customary practices surrounding korean dining and drinking, and enacting korean goodwill are what textbooks alone cannot efficiently impart. Using language in authentic communicative situations is what classroom lessons cannot sufficiently accomplish. These I’m glad the study tour achieved. Throughout the trip, the principal lecturers (together with their unofficial teaching assistant, the bus captain) showed commitment to professionalism and care for the students. May I congratulate Ms Seo and Ms Yom on the success of their inaugural study tour, and wish that future tours continue to enliven learning and invigorate minds. – Jonathan T. (Participant of 1st ezSAM Korea Study Tour, 2013)