About Corporate Classes


We customise our corporate classes according to our client’s intent and needs, depending on the objective of the lesson, and deliver specially-tailored course taking into account the preferred duration, frequency of sessions, number of students/executives involved, and any other deliverable outcome(s) etc. We can conduct mass lecture-style for an auditorium of students, or small-group intensive tuition for business executives.

Target students for our corporate courses can be anyone from students, business executives, educational institutions, and private and non-profit organisations. Our courses will help you immerse in the Korean language and culture, as well as individual preparatory sessions in Business Korean. For instance, we collaborated with the Singapore Tourism Board and the ASEAN-Korea Centre in 2013-2014 to help offer customised Korean lessons to selected service industry personalities in a lecture style setting.

Our corporate clients include:

  • Raffles Institution
  • Singapore Tourism Board
  • LG Singapore(Lunch time course 12:00-1:30pm)
  • TEMASEK international Pte.Ltd.
  • ITE West, among others

Feel free to contact us for customised learning based on your requirements.

Suggested Corporate Course Topics

  • Expected learning outcome (focus on oral skills)

Our corporate course provides employees with Korean speaking, reading and writing skills necessary to communicate and integrate confidently. In particular, participants will be able to understand and carry out basic Korean conversation such as greetings, making and answering basic queries, and exchange of simple information on everyday life and on certain specified topics.

  • Duration

For smaller class size of 10 pax (for example), there will be 10 sessions, each lesson lasting 2 hours, once a week.

  • Course fees

Please contact us at mail@ezsamkorean.com for further details.