About Standard Classes


Designed to suit the needs of most learners in Singapore, the class-based Korean language courses at ezSAM Korean Language Centre comprises numerous levels from Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels to cater to different needs.


Available Courses

CourseTextbookTarget StudentBasicPre-IntermediateIntermediatePre-AdvancedAdvanced
Standard CourseSeoul National University KoreanGreater focus on conversational skills.
Level 1: For students who want to be equipped with basic conversation skills to travel Korea, etc.
Level 2 and above: For students who want to study longer term.
1A Level 1~2
1B Level 3~4
2A Level 1~2
2B Level 3~4
3A Level 1~2
3B Level 3~4
4A Level 1~2
4B Level 3~4
5A Level 1~2
5B Level 3~4
TOPIK PreparationTOPIKFor students who want to be better prepared for taking the TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) testLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5

Course Schedule, Placement Test & Make Up Classes

Click here for detailed course schedule and textbooks for ezSAM Korean Language Centre.

For placement into the courses, please call us or send us an email with your mobile number and an appropriate time for us to call/meet to conduct the placement test. We understand that students may miss classes due to valid reasons. For such cases, ezSAM will make arrangement for make up classes with another class, subject to availability.

Course Fees

S$300 per term of 8 sessions / S$380 per term of 10 sessions  – one session per week, 2 hours per session. Registration fees for each new sign-up will be S$10.

Cultural Component of ezSAM Classes

At ezSAM Korean Language Centre, we believe that learning Korean is not just about knowing the ABCs to the Korean language, but also about understanding and appreciating all things Korean. Our lessons, besides the main language component, may also consist of the following cultural components, whenever possible (some are optional extra-curricular activities held outside of class hours):

  • Understanding/trying out of Korean traditional costumes: Hanbok (Korean dress)
  • Playing the Korean traditional games: Yut No Ri (Korean board game)
  • Learning how to prepare Korean traditional cuisines: Kimbap (Rice rolls) and Tteok (rice cake)
  • Appreciation/trying out of Korean traditional instrument: Samulnori (Korean drum)
  • Interaction session with Koreans working or looking to work in Singapore
  • Appreciation of Korean traditional dance and song recital

ezSAM Events

Join the ezSAM family now and have fun learning Korean with us!

ezSAM Class Presentation

Trial Lesson at ezSAM

Textbook and Hanbok Display (Opening Party)

ezSAM Opening Party (4 Aug 2012)

Aug 2012 Monday Class

Interactive Learning

Learning made fun

Group learning

ezSAM Cultural Event - Appreciation of Korean Cuisine

ezSAM Cultural Component - Exchanges and interactions with Koreans living in Singapore - A great way to learn and put your language skills to the test

ezSAM Cultural Component - Hanbok Experience

Enjoying Korean food during ezSAM Cultural Event

Group learning with intimate coaching

Cultural Component - ezSAM students interacting with Korean youths living in Singapore (front row)