ezSAM Kids Korean Summer Camp 2018: Program review

ezSAM successfully concluded the first ezSAM Kids Korean Summer Camp program today. We had 8 kids join us for this specially curated program, led by a team of cultural experts and pre-school educators.


It was a complete language and cultural experience for the young ones. The kids were exposed to a wide range of culture, science and art activities, conducted in Korean by Korean native teachers. The kids were game to the challenge – they had to step out of their comfort zone and receive instructions in Korean during the week long immersive course. They were taught to speak, read and to write Korean during the Korean lessons, got their hands dirty through very hands-on science experiments and art classes, making ice-creams, volcanoes, light switches and abstract paintings. They also got to experience the Korean culture first hand: wearing Hanbok, playing traditional drum and string instruments, and singing and dancing to Arirang!


The first batch of the ezSAM Kids Korean Summer Camp program passed with flying colours (and so did our tutors who managed to get the attention of the energetic kids for the entire duration)!


Making ice-cream during Science lesson


Learning about Korean instruments, dance and songs during cultural lesson


Designing and making their own light during Science/Art lesson


Understanding how volcanoes work and makings their own


Creating their own art pieces during Art lesson

Final day of Camp – more learning through Korean and Science classes.