Amazing historical Korea – Study Tour 2018 highlights

A cultural, language and sensory experience in historical Korea

The 4 day 3 night ezSAM Study Tour 2018 kick started with a trip to Andong, Korea’s cultural capital, and World Heritage Hahoe village.
This was our largest contingent thus far – 30 students and tutors made the trip to Korea to enjoy the cool weather of fall in Korea and the beautiful crisp golden autumn leaves. With golden and red autumn leaves at their full glory, there is no better time than now to enjoy autumn in Korea!
The team quickly immersed themselves into the Korean culture as they visited the World Mask Museum, and took in all the sight and colours that Andong has to offer. At Hahoe Village, the group was given a sensory treat on the Hahoe Mask Dance Drama performance and even had the chance to put on their masks to learn the moves in person from the actual Living National Treasure of Korea himself!
Over the next few days, the group also made their way to Dosan Seowon, and got the chance to pick apples in Andongpo town. On the way, the group also met yet another Living National Treasure of Korea, an expert at making traditional hemp cloth, and got to try on the traditional costume. The helpful Andong guide gave them a pleasant surprise by bringing them to Manhujeong, the location site of popular Korean drama Mr Sunshine (Lee Byun-hun, Kim Tae-ri)!
At the next stop, Tongyeong, Korea’s historic seaside town, the lucky participants also got into action by taking the Hallyeosudo Cable Car, and rode the luge for a thrilling adventure. Other stops include the Jungang wet market, Donpirang wall painting village, before enjoying the irresistible sunset view at Dal-a-Park. The photos are proof themselves, no explanation needed!
During the last day, the group trekked the Deokyu Mountain in Muju, before proceeding back to Seoul, Myeondong & Hongdae.
Over the past 4 days, the 30 participants had a healthy overdose of cultural experience, interactions with the local people, intense Korean language learning. Indeed, all the hikes and walks, the bus rides, yummy meals, drinks and games together over the last few days have made this a truly memorable trip for everyone! Friendships were forged and many memories shared between this group of 30, hailing from different places, but brought together only by their love for Korea and things Korean. 

여러분, till our next tour!

From trip participants

"I started learning Hangeul with ezSAM about 1+ years ago. 

It is said that learning another language is not just about learning different words for the same things but about learning another way of thinking. It broadens your horizon with new insight into another culture and enriches your life by expanding your worldview.

I have come to experience this truth in my learning journey with ezSAM, especially after going on the cultural trip to Andong and Tongyeong organized by them. Not only did we learn new things about the Korean history and culture (the cultural preservation at Andong enabled us to appreciate how Koreans lived their lives in the past and we also saw the place where the famous Admiral Yi Sun Sin launched his fleet and claimed his famous victories at the Imjin wars) and taste and learn about aspects of Korean cuisine (for example we tasted yummy jimdak which I didn’t know originated in Andong before the trip), we also forged new friendships among people with a common interest in everything Korean, from kpop to kdramas to fangirling over kstars .

And I must not forget to say that Korea is simply beautiful in Autumn (제가 한국의 아름다운 단물이 드는 가을 제일 좋아해요!).

All in all, the study trip was more than an enjoyable travel to Korea. It also brought to the fore the full appreciation of my Korean language learning journey."

"My Korean study trip. This is my first time to join the study trip to Korea with my classmates. I really appreciate the Teachers very much for taking their personal time to help us get immersed into the Korean culture and living in Korea. 

The 9 days that I spent in Korea was the most enjoyable and memorable trip. It exceeded my expectations many times. I get to listen to and practice speaking the Korean language with the local people.

The Teachers helped us experience many Korean food, Hanok Village and the Mask Dance performance that we studied in our text books. We also had a deep understanding of the Mask Dance performance. 

The best part of the trip was the friendship we made. Everyone was helpful and friendly and shared a common interest. The love of the Korean language and lifestyle. Most of all we all love taking photos with the red orange and yellow autumn leaves, climb the mountains, watch the sunset, ride the ski lifts, cable car and luge.

We also practiced our Korean language when we did our shopping or ordering food. Some of us shopped so much that we had to ship it back home. Learning Korean language first hand was a very valuable lesson and a rich experience that we cannot learn from the textbooks. ezSAM has made it possible with no extra cost. I highly recommend the courses as they provide classroom and practical lessons in Korea. The textbooks they use are written by Seoul National University. Some of us have been with the school for 4 years. A testimony to the dedication of the Teachers at ezSAM.

I’m a first time young grandmother of a two and half year old Korean-Singaporean boy, Minho. I’m confident that ezSAM can empower me to communicate and relate with Minho as he grows up in a few years time. Thank you ezSAM. Fighting ezSAM!" 

Mary , Study Trip Participant
"We had a memorable experience during this trip and made wonderful memories interacting with students from other classes! It was also a great privilege that we got to learn how to dance Talchum from a master who is Korea's national cultural asset. All these were made possible only with the passion of Yom and Seo songsengnims!" 

이수 씨, Study Trip Participant

Photo Gallery

See our photo collection from the trip. Follow our Facebook page or Instagram and #ezsamstudytrip for more photos. (All photos below are taken by our ezSAM study trip participants.)