Experience living in Korea – Charlene Neo

I started learning Korean at ezSAM since 2017 and recently moved to Korea after being awarded the Global Korea Scholarship for Graduate Degrees. I got to know about this scholarship through 서선생님, who encouraged me to apply and also helped me with the scholarship application and interview preparation. If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, the application period for graduate degrees is usually in late February/early March. As the application period is just a couple of weeks, you may like to first find out the majors/courses offered by the universities under this scholarship programme, and email the universities to get more information. It would also save a lot of time to prepare in advance the various documents that have to be submitted as part of the application such as personal statement and recommendation letters. Also, if you know/are learning Korean, do consider taking the TOPIK exam to support your application.

Prior to starting my Masters next year, I am attending a one-year Korean language course in Korea now, and lessons have been fun! The teachers here are also really friendly and helpful. While the COVID situation has unfortunately affected life in Korea now, I am still glad to be here and being able to experience life in Korea. The weather and food have been great. Living here also means you will definitely have opportunities to use their food and parcel (택배) delivery services like the locals, which is really fast and efficient.

Do consider applying for this scholarship if you’d like to experience living and studying in Korea 🙂

여러분은 기회가 있으면  이 장학금을 신청하고 한국에 와서 한국 생활이 느껴 봐요.