Cultural Programs

ezSAM 2017 Study Tour to Korea (Nov 2017)

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ezSAM 2016 Study Tour to Jeju (27 Feb – 1 Mar 2016)

The 4th edition of ezSAM’s signature activity took our students and tutors to the Hawaii of the East, Jeju Island!

There, they trekked snow-covered mountains, explored caves in their cruise boat, had great food and drinks and absorbed the beautiful scenery that Jeju had to throw at them.

Check out the Facebook photos for a better account!

ezsam jeju1

ezsam jeju2


ezSAM Exclusive Movie Night (25 May 2015)

ezSAM had our first movie night with staff and students. We brought the tear jerking Korean movie “Ode to my Father” to Vivocity and held a showing exclusively for ezSAM students. We filled the 70 seater cosy cinema theater and had a fantastic night out!


ezSAM 2015 Korean Study Tour (29 March 2015)

The 3rd edition of the ezSAM study trip brought our ezSAM students and staff to Gyeongju on 29th March 2015.  We visited Gyeongju national museum, Cheonmachong, Gyochon town, Cheomseongdae and Anapji.  Check out our exploits here on ezSAM Facebook.

ezSAM 2014 Jeju Island Korean Study Tour (5-8 Oct 2014)

16 ezSAM students joined our ezSAM tutors for four days of full immersion into the Korean culture in Jeju Island – the 2nd ezSAM Korean Study Tour! Guided by our able tutors, the students were able to savour the traditional cuisines, customs, sights and sound that Korea has to offer. And of course, they had a fun time putting their Korean to full use in specially designed ezSAM games and activities, as well as through daily drills.

Korean Cultural and Language Immersion

ezSAM collaborated with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in Q3 2014 to provide Korean cultural and language immersion sessions for officers involved in the service and tourism industry.  Teachers and students had an enjoyable time learning Korean through various interactive and fun sessions!

Check with us on how we can collaborate to customise Korean language sessions for your company’s specific needs!

ezSAM Samulnori Experience (31 Aug 2014)

Join ezSAM for an hour of drumming immersion and feel the power and passion behind the korean drum ensemble “Samulnori”. Register here!


Kimchi Making Class (Special Cultural Component, 26 July Sat) 

20 students and friends of ezSAM joined us at the ezSAM Kimchi Making Class on 26 July at Walnut Tree, and had an afternoon of fun and learning! After an hour of “hard work”, we sat down to enjoy some Korean cuisines, from jap-chae, su-yuk, to o-jing-eo muchim and tteok-bok-gi.

Gayageum Trial Lesson (14 June Sat, 2pm)

Some of our ezSAM students joined us today in an afternoon of fun and culture at the Gayageum trial class. Coached by a professional Gayageum teacher, our equally talented students were already playing the tune “Arirang” after an hour’s time!

Dec 2013 – Tea Party for Advanced Speakers of Korean Language 

15 ezSAM students took part in this tea time party. ezSAM tutors and students had 3 hours of fun enjoying traditional Korean food and speaking in Korean!


Oct 2013 – ezSAM Korea Study Tour (14 Oct – 18 Oct, Seoul & Gangwon-do)

The inaugural study tour to Gangwon-do stands testimony to ezsam’s philosophy that learning korean is, beyond literacy skills, a cultural experience. Customary practices surrounding korean dining and drinking, and enacting korean goodwill are what textbooks alone cannot efficiently impart. Using language in authentic communicative situations is what classroom lessons cannot sufficiently accomplish. These I’m glad the study tour achieved. Throughout the trip, the principal lecturers (together with their unofficial teaching assistant, the bus captain) showed commitment to professionalism and care for the students. May I congratulate Ms Seo and Ms Yom on the success of their inaugural study tour, and wish that future tours continue to enliven learning and invigorate minds.          – Jonathan T. (Participant of ezSAM Korea Study Tour, 2013)

Aug 2013 – ezSAM First Year Anniversary and Corporate Social Responsibility Event

ezSAM held our first anniversary celebrations on Aug 2013. As part of our appreciation to ezSAM students, we organised a fun filled afternoon of Korean traditional food, book sale and bazaar.

Not forgetting the less fortunate, ezSAM also collaborated with the Children’s Cancer Foundation for a Charity drive, and all the proceeds, as well as half the proceeds from the sale of our textbooks went to the CCF, ezSAM’s adopted charity for 2013.

The total amount (from Charity Bazaar, book sale, direct donation) donated to the Children’s Cancer Foundation is S$2375.20. ezSAM has also donated the rest of the items from the Charity Bazaar, to the Salvation Army. 

ezSAM also taught the children at the CCF on a pro bono basis.

Thanks again to all our supporters and friends of ezSAM, for making this possible! Here are some photos from the actual day.

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