About Korean through Kpop & Drama class

Our new “Korean through Kpop & Drama” class brings you the best of both worlds – language, and music/drama!


Enjoy your favourite K-pop songs and K-drama, movies together while studying the Korean language!


Learn Korean as it is spoken: Most commonly used phrases, colloquial conversation, cultural contexts.


Choose when you want to come and pay only for the sessions you attended! See below for detailed course structure.

Course Details

  • Target audience: For all K-pop and K-drama lovers of all ages, at Basic Level 4 and above.
  • Course curriculum: Korean language beginner level; learn Korean culture through K-pop and K-drama, with focus on conversation and commonly used phrases etc.
  • Session dates: 16 Nov, 23 Nov, 30 Nov, 7 Dec (Fridays, 7:30-9:30pm, 2 hours each)
  • Course Fee Structure: 
    • $149 (4 sessions)
    • $114 (3 sessions)
    • $76   (2 sessions)
    • $38   (1 session)
  • Learning Outcomes: Students should be able to read and write Korean characters. They will be exposed to commonly used expressions in pop songs and drama. They will also gain a good appreciation and understanding of the Korean culture, thinking and way of life.