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2019 Intensive Summer Basic Korean Classes

Summer is here! Keen in picking up a new language?
Starting 3 June, 10 June or 17 June, the intensive course runs from Monday to Friday (5 days x 3hrs). Sign up with us today!

New Intensive Beginner Course

Need to learn Korean quickly and urgently? For busy professionals or students on school holiday! Starting 3 June, 10 June or 17 June, the basic course runs every weekday (5 days x 3hrs). Inquire with us today.

Korean Exchange 2019: Sogang University

Learn Korean in Sogang University and also uncover the hidden gems in South Korea! More details to be shared. Keep a lookout on our FB, Instagram and website!

ezSAM is now SkillsFuture ready!

ezSAM's Basic and Pre-Intermediate courses are now SSG approved! Claim your SkillsFuture credits for our approved courses in 4 easy steps.

ezSAM Chinese Program opens!

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Schedule for Korean Lessons (by Course Level)

Trial Lesson

Free Trial LessonDateRegister
Trial Lesson (Beginner)

If you have studied before,
please send us an email for alternative free trial arrangements.
3rd March 2019
Sun 2:00-3:00PM

24th March 2019
Sun 11:00-12:00PM

7th April 2019
Sun 2:00-3:00PM

28th April 2019
Sun 11:00-12:00PM

Basic Levels

BasicStart dateDurationFee
Level 126 Mar 7:30-9:30pm
31 Mar 4:30-6:30pm
8 x Every Tues
8 x Every Sun
11 Apr 7:30-9:30pm
14 Apr 10:30-12:30pm
8 x Every Thu
8 x Every Sun
Level 217 Mar 1:30-3:30pm8 x Every Sun
Level 317 Mar 2:30 – 4:30pm
28 Mar 7:30 – 9:30pm
8 x Every Sun
8 x Every Thu
Level 423 Mar 3:30 – 5:308 x Every Sat$300

Pre-Intermediate Levels

Pre-InterStart dateDurationFee
Level 18 Oct 7:30-9:30pm8 x Every Mon$300
12 Nov 7:30-9:30pm8 x Every Mon$300
18 Nov 10:30-12:30pm8 x Every Sun$300
Level 25 Oct 7:30-9:3010 x Every Fri$380
10 Dec 7:30-9:3010 x Every Mon$380
Level 321 Dec 7:30-9:308 x Every Fri$300
Level 42 Oct 7:30-9:30pm 10 x Every Tue$380
3 Nov 10:30-12:30pm10 x Every Sat$380

Intermediate Levels

LevelStart dateFrequencyCourse FeeTextbook
Inter Level 126 Oct 7:30-9:30pm 8 x Every Fri$300
25 Dec 7:30-9:30pm 8 x Every Tue$300
Inter Level 229 Oct 7:30-9:30pm10 x Every Mon$380
28 Dec 7:30-9:30pm10 x Every Fri$380
Inter Level 315 Nov 7:30-9:30pm8 x Every Thr$300
Inter Level 4

Pre-Advanced Levels

LevelStart dateFrequencyCourse FeeTextbook
Pre-Adv Level 1
Pre-Adv Level 2
Pre-Adv Level 3
Pre-Adv Level 46 Oct 1:00-3:00pm10 x Every Sat$380

Advanced Levels

LevelStart dateFrequencyCourse FeeTextbook
Adv Level 1
Adv Level 2
Adv Level 3
Adv Level 4

Kids Korean (5-9 years old)

KidsStart dateDurationFee
Korean 124 Mar 10:30 – 12pm6 x Every Sun$340
Korean 35 Apr 6 – 7:30pm6 x Every Fri$340
Korean 49 Mar 3:30 – 5pm6 x Every Sat$340

Daytime Lessons

DaytimeStart dateDurationFee
Basic 111 Apr 10:30-12:30pm
8 x Every Thu Morning

Korean Thru K-pop K-drama

LessonStart dateDurationFee
Korean Thru K-pop & K-drama16 Nov 7:30-9:30pm4 x Every Fri

3 Basic classes available. Students can choose to start on any week above.


LessonStart date / timeDurationFee
Intensive Basic Class 13 Jun (10am – 1pm)Mon – Fri (3 hrs)
Intensive Basic Class 210 Jun (10am – 1pm)Mon – Fri (3 hrs)
Intensive Basic Class 317 Jun (10am – 1pm)Mon – Fri (3 hrs)

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Standard Class

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Kids Class

Customized for 5-12 year olds. Fun Korean classes with songs, science and cultural components.


I studied at ezSAM for around 4 years under Ms Seo Jiyun, who is an experienced and dedicated Korean Language teacher with years of experience teaching learners of all ages. Ms Seo is very approachable and readily answers any questions that I have to the best of her ability which greatly helps in my study of the language.

Lessons are taught following the syllabus of textbooks from universities in Korea, giving an overall education in all aspects of the language (writing, reading, listening and speaking). This is ideal for those who are serious in learning the language or who aim to go for exchange in universities in Korea.

ezSAM also stands out from the many Korean Language institutes in Singapore by teaching the language through Korean culture. In the 4 years, I participated in many cultural activities such as cooking Korean dishes, trying out Gayageum (a traditional Korean string instrument) and visiting Korea on study trips.

Ms Seo certainly has gone above and beyond in making Korean Language learning an enjoyment for me. Through her guidance, self-study, and interactions with Korean friends, I managed to achieve a pass in TOPIK II, Advanced Level 5. I intend to continue with my study of the language and hope to achieve Advanced Level 6 pass soon.

The inaugural study tour to Gangwon-do stands testimony to ezsam’s philosophy that learning korean is, beyond literacy skills, a cultural experience.

Customary practices surrounding korean dining and drinking, and enacting korean goodwill are what textbooks alone cannot efficiently impart. Using language in authentic communicative situations is what classroom lessons cannot sufficiently accomplish. These I’m glad the study tour achieved.

Throughout the trip, the principal lecturers (together with their unofficial teaching assistant, the bus captain) showed commitment to professionalism and care for the students. May I congratulate Ms Seo and Ms Yom on the success of their inaugural study tour, and wish that future tours continue to enliven learning and invigorate minds.​

I studied Korean Language under ezSAM teacher Ms Seo Ji Yun for few years.

I first attended ezSAM free trial lesson and liked it. There was no sales talk, just a teacher (Ms Yom then) sincerely showing us the fun of learning Korean Language. The study center though small, was cozy and quiet. There is even a cupboard of books which you can buy then, but now can take for free. I like the environment. Ms Seo and Ms Yom can also speak English. I recently got to know another teacher who speak good Chinese too!!

When I first came to ezSAM, the intent was just to learn some Korean language so that I can understand Korean dramas better and hopefully able to read some books. But after studying here, I am inspired by Ms Seo to want to know even more about Korea, not just the language, but also the culture and history. I also have more desire to travel to different parts of Korea to see beautiful scenery.

Ms Seo is really a very kind, thoughtful and giving person. She also has a lot of passion in her teaching. She is always sharing with us different aspects of Korea, be it history, culture, dramas, politics, news, traditional games and even food. We don’t just hear from her, but we experienced these together with her. Like making Kimchi, Gimbap, Tteokbokki Hotteok, Korean pancake, playing traditional games, watching Korean movies, going study trips, etc.

Ms Yom too, is a very helpful teacher. Though she is not teaching me directly, in my recent pre-placement oral tests for my Korea language study in Seoul, she spent time guiding me how to prepare for the oral tests.

One of the best things I like about ezSAM is their study tours. Every year, Ms Seo and Ms Yom, both co-founders of ezSAM, will organize 1 or 2 study trips to Korea. I always look forward to joining them whenever I can. The trips were always very well planned, very fruitful and fulfilling. We got to visit places with beautiful scenery, interesting and historical places, learned their history onsite, ate nice local traditions food, watched Korean plays, climbed Mt Hallasan, etc, etc, experiencing Korea culture in many different ways.

All these are made possible because both teachers are very committed in wanting their students to learn and experience the most of Korea in a fun and enjoyable way. It is through their selfless giving, generosity, sincerity and passions that make me want to continue my Korea language study. To the two of them who have invested so much of their time, effort and love in their teachings, the little I can do is to continue my study and repay them with good results hopefully.

I am very glad indeed I managed to score full marks in my first TOPIK I attempt and achieved grade 2. Really thanks to Ms Seo, who has inspired me a lot with her teachings and make my Korean language learning experience an interesting and enjoyable one. Thanks to ezSAM too, the center that made all these possible!​