Terms and Conditions

Registration and Payment of Course/Program

  • Courses/programs listed in the website will commence only when there is a minimum number of students registered. We will confirm the course/program with registered students before the commencement.
  • Trial lessons are confirmed upon registration and no further confirmation may be sent to registered students.

Attendance and Make-up Lessons

  • For students unable to attend class for valid reasons (such as work trip or due to emergency/medical situations), it is possible for ezSAM Language Centre to arrange for make-up class for the student, or have a short one-to-one catch-up session with the tutor before the next class, subject to availability of class and tutor. Students must inform the centre and make the make-up request in advance.
  • Course certificates will only be given to students who fulfil at least 70 percent of the attendance.
  • For private classes, the maximum durations to complete a 5-session course and 10-session course are 3 months and 6 months respectively. Remaining payment for courses extending beyond these periods will not be refunded.

Course Cancellation and Postponement

  • ezSAM Language Centre reserves the right to cancel or postpone any courses or programs, prior to course commencement, due to insufficient student number, staffing or other reasons.
  • Individual classes within the course/program may also be postponed to a suitable time, upon the agreement of the students and tutor. This is subject to availability of the tutor and classroom.

Refund of Course/Program Fees

  • ezSAM Language Centre does not provide refund of course/program fees for student’s absence of lessons or discontinuation of class on student’s part, once the course has commenced. No transfer of paid fees to another person or to another course/program, is allowed.
  • If a student has made advance payment for a course/program that eventually had to be cancelled, ezSAM Language Centre will arrange for the student to join a future course/program. Refund of course fee will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Other Matters

  • ezSAM Language Centre reserves the right to provide a qualified relief tutor to take over a class on a temporary basis should the tutor be unable to conduct the class.
  • For a diverse learning experience, ezSAM Language Centre reserves the right to change the tutor when a class advances to the next level.
  • ezSAM Language Centre may take photos or videos of course/program activities, including that of the students and participants, for school record purposes and for posting on social media and websites for marketing purposes.

Data Protection Act

  • I agree for ezSAM Language Centre to use my contact and personal information to reach me for the purpose of sharing information regarding my class, and related matters such as the centre’s events, news, promotions and other marketing messages.
  • I will inform the school in writing via email if I no longer wish to be contacted in the future.

By registering for a course/program by ezSAM Language Centre, I accept the above Terms and Conditions.