About Corporate Classes

We are an experienced provider of customised Korean lessons for private, public & non-profit institutions in Singapore. We provide specially-tailored course taking into account our client’s learning objectives, preferred duration, frequency, number of students, and any other specific requirements. 

Our corporate courses can be customized to cater to different skill levels (Basic/Intermediate/Advance) and to different industries (Tourism / service / technical industry or educational institutions).  For instance, we collaborated with the Singapore Tourism Board, the ASEAN-Korea Centre to offer customized Korean lessons to service industry professionals in a lecture-style setting, focusing on customer service and lifestyle. 

ezSAM has vast experience conducting mass lecture-style sessions for students/office staff, or small-group intensive tuition for business executives. Our corporate clients include, among others, the following:

Corporate Course Details

Recommended Learning Objective:

  • Objective 1 (General):  Employees will be able to read and write Hanguel (Korean) characters.
  • Objective 2 (Basic/Intermediate):  Employees will be equipped with fundamental Korean speaking, reading and writing skills necessary to exchange daily information and live in a Korean-speaking environment. In particular, participants will be able to understand and carry out Korean conversation such as greetings, making and answering queries, exchange information on everyday life and on certain specified areas such as making appointments, introducing items and products, reading/writing correspondences about events, understanding news and radio.
  • Objective 3 (Advanced):  Employees will be equipped with business Korean speaking, reading and writing skills necessary to communicate and integrate confidently into a Korean corporate environment. In particular, participants will be able to craft and present business proposal; give advice and mentor others; debate on social/economic issues, share opinions and deductions during meetings; write and make business presentations and doing public speaking in corporate setting, etc.
  • Objective 4 (General):  Employees will be acquainted with Korean culture including understanding Korean pop culture such as dramas and music, doing business in Korea, hierarchy and practices in Korean company, getting familiar with eating and drinking etiquette, and become familiar with other aspects of the Republic of Korea, such as business environment, economy and politics.
Recommended Learning Duration: Basic Level (16 – 64 hrs or 4 – 16 weeks); Intermediate Level (64 – 128 hrs or 16 – 32 weeks); Advanced Level (Over 128 hours or 32 weeks). Based on 4 hrs (or 2 sessions of 2 hrs each) per week.